BSW Timber Group firmly believes that our people, with their knowledge, experience and dedication, are the company’s most important asset, and is therefore committed to reinvesting a significant proportion of its turnover in staff training and development.

This commitment is evident throughout the company: staff across all departments, including the company’s senior management, benefit from access to regular training programmes:

  • NVQ Workplace organisation: a number of our operations team are taking part in NVQ training
  • Apprenticeships: many of our apprentices go further and are currently training for HNC qualifications in Engineering. 
  • Adult Apprenticeships: we believe it is important to continue development throughout your career and adult apprenticeships give our teams confidence and support in their abilities
  • Summer Graduate Placements: a number of summer placements have taken place across the BSW Group bringing a range of benefits including new operational ideas and collaborative creative thought
  • Graduate Programme : BSW is committed to building a robust and experienced management team by integrating new people with cutting edge skills through its graduate programme
  • Advanced management training: A number of staff around the UK are currently working for higher degrees and professional qualifications.
  • Continuous Professional Training: We take skilled staff from across the UK every year to take part in leadership and management training that adds an extra dimension to these diamonds.

Ongoing Staff Training and Development

From the first day of inductions training through to a regime of regular updated and monitored mandatory training requirements, all employees at BSW take part in learning initiatives.

Training needs are re-assessed on a regular basis, ensuring that all employees are able to benefit. The culture of development is firmly entrenched throughout the company, such that all staff members who are taking time out from the workplace for training can count on the support, encouragement and back-up of their team members.

Our succession planning process ensures that we are ahead of the game in giving the new generations of team leaders, supervisors and managers the right tools for the job, through integrated training monitored by our mentors and their line managers.

People make the difference. Our highly committed, motivated staff are trained to ensure that our customers receive consistently reliable, high performance products and service at all times.

Award-winning Training Team

Training & Development with our workforce have achieved the following accolades:-

  • Developing the Youth Award Highlands West 2016
  • Nominated for TTJ over-25 year old training awards 2016
BSW Timber Group Member of Binderholz