BSW Timber’s mill in Fort William is a proud supporter of local communities and charitable organisations, and recently donated a log to Stòras Uibhist, a community project in South Uist. The log was used to create the funnel for a community sculpture that was created to mark the centenary of the sailing of the SS Marloch.

The SS Marloch was a ship that was used to transport goods and people to and from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The ship was an important part of the local community and played a crucial role in the development of the area. To commemorate its centenary, a community project was launched to create a sculpture that would honour the ship and its legacy.

Stòras Uibhist, a community organization that manages assets in the South Uist area, was responsible for the project. The organisation reached out to BSW Timber’s Mill in Fort William to request a log that could be used to create the funnel for the sculpture. BSW Timber was happy to oblige and donated a log that was perfect for the project.

The log was transported to South Uist, where it was carefully hoisted into the position of a funnel and attached to the main sculpture, which was designed to resemble the hull of the SS Marloch. The finished sculpture was unveiled to the public in a ceremony that was attended by members of the local community, as well as representatives from Stòras Uibhist.

Deirdre Steel of Stòras Uibhist said: “It worked out even better than we originally thought it would. It seemed such a shame to just paint it all black and hide the lovely wood grain so our Harbour Master, DA Currie and his port assistant, Gary MacDougall, planed and sanded it down then scorched it with a blow torch to get the darker colour whilst keeping the grain effect visible. I’m so chuffed with how it turned out!

“We had a wee job getting it in place with the weight of it but as usual, big effort from all involved got it safely in place.”

The donation of the log by BSW Timber is just one example of the company’s commitment to supporting local communities and charitable organisations. BSW Timber is a leading provider of timber products and services and has a long history of working with communities to promote sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

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